Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good News:

I am going to be a doctor.

When I got the phone call from Mr. Larkin at UCF last week, my favorite thing he said to me went something like, "You can stop worrying about being an applicant and start becoming a physician." Pretty crazy.  I remember joking with other premed friends that when other people ask us what we do - we'd simply say "I'm a premed applicant,"  like that was the end-all; that's what we do.  Never getting in, just always applying.  I remember thinking that was so funny because it was so terrifying - med school acceptances often feel like such a crapshoot.

A friend of ours recently took the MCAT, and I remember the question being asked what I had been more nervous for, getting my MCAT score or waiting to get accepted.  Hands down the MCAT was worse.  I had almost complete control of my MCAT score.  I could study as much as I wanted and my score depending solely on my own performance.  It was up to me and that made me nervous.  Getting accepted to a school, though, felt like it was out of my hands.  I was confident in my application, but I didn't know if I was who they wanted.  I remember praying - not just to be accepted - but that the schools could see me for who I really was and have a clear understanding of me - of Katie Mower Peacock.  (Cause let's face it, if they really knew who I was they'd DEFINITELY take me, right? ;)  But after applying, I felt like whatever was supposed to happen, would, and that makes me even more grateful that I've been accepted.

I don't think it's really hit me yet.  It probably won't till Jeff and I make the 36 hour/2300 mile trip to Orlando sometime in August :)

World - get ready for Dr. Peacock.

University of Central Florida, College of Medicine - aka my new home for the next four years

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

post graduation - yes it does exist

Well, where to start?  I've only posted once in the past 5-6 months and don't have the best track record with this blog thing.  But better late than never, right?

This past semester did sorta whiz by.  Which is strange, cause at times I thought graduation would never get here.  But then with only a few days of class left I started feeling all nostalgic and couldn't believe my time at BYU was almost at an end.

I've been up on campus since graduation (shocker, I know) cause my mom is taking a class and it's fun to see her and get lunch.  But when I go to see mom I'm reminded of last spring and all the crazy emotions I felt when I was studying for the MCAT.  There was so much promise and excitement as I got ready to take on medical school applications and conquer the world.

And then I applied, and then I got rejected (a lot) and now I'm waiting.  Just like I waited for my MCAT score, interviews, and acceptances, which didn't come.  Not gonna lie, I think I might've been a little naive about the whole process, but it's hard to think after so much work and sacrifice rejection would be the norm.

But I shouldn't complain.  I'm actually on a wait list for UCF, an amazing school in Orlando, Florida.  I've been told I'm high enough on the list that - if this year is anything like past years - I'll be offered an acceptance sometime in June.  I think it's just the waiting that I'm over.

Either way, Jeff and I are headed for Florida.  With 7 medical schools in Florida as opposed to the stingy 1 in Utah, if I don't get accepted I can reapply as a Florida resident and increase my chances of getting in. But guess when those applications start?  Well, technically I could be filling them out now, but I can't officially apply till June.  Yup, in less than 4 weeks I can start the whole process over again and reapply.  Exciting, right? haha.

Life is good, though.  And I wouldn't change anything about the past 5 years.  I remember filling out a bunch of senior exit surveys and one of the questions asked was "Would you still choose dance as a major if you could redo your BYU education?"  At the time as I filled out the survey, I wasn't too sure, but as I sat on the stage of the HFAC at graduation surrounded by peers and faculty who personally knew me and who i considered friends, I realized I wouldn't change it for a second.

But this post is quite long.  I think I'll wrap it up and save the rest for another post, hopefully it doesn't take me months to post again :)

Can't leave without some pictures thought, right?!

 Graduation.  So great to finally have that diploma :)

Slick rock trail in Moab.  This is where Jeff got the mountain biking bug.  Thanks mom and dad for a fun spring break!

 Oh ya, I tried out for SYTYCD.  Quite the experience.  Didn't make it to Vegas but had a blast and still got to perform a solo.  When it airs keep an eye out for yours truly ;)

When I interviewed at UCF my sister was in Orlando with her in-laws (congrats Jake and Arianne!!) and I got to spend some time with these munchkins.  

Remember when I signed up for beginning cello?  Glad I did that.  Even if I can only play children folk songs, it was still awesome :)