Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What a Wonderful Life!

I love the summertime! This picture is up the canyon with my siblings (minus Clint, lame-o). Mindy made us tasty tinfoil dinners and we roasted other yummy treats, plus we found a very entertaining log to play on :)

Last week I was able to teach at Basic Dance Training, a camp for drill teams across the West. I was "mom" for two teams at each camp, this picture is of Layton and Mountain Crest. Goodness I had fun with those girls and learned so much from them. Can't wait for them to have such a great year, and can't wait for my next camp on Monday!!

And Tyler came home!! Yay! Tyler brought back some fun stuff from Russia, Matt and Clint found those hats pretty fast, I think they look all right, haha. I couldn't help but take a picture of Mindy and her little Nico as we were walking out of the airport.

And of course with summer comes fun in the sun. Gotta love Seven Peaks! I think my sisters are pretty cute :) And this gorgeous little flower below was found on my way to school. It was too cute not to share.

Oh yeah, and 33 is my new favorite number :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I know memorial day weekend was a while ago, but I had so much fun and I haven't posted pictures in a while.

Me, Jeff, my parents, and my cutest sister Meggie spent Friday night and Saturday morning up at the family's cabin by Fairview. We still had to use the snowcat to get to the cabin because there is still too much snow to drive in. Seriously. It was snowing when we got there.

Saturday we left to go to Spring City, a small town in Sanpete County with less than 1,000 residents where a lot of artists live. Every weekend before Memorial Day the town has art auctions and festivities, and mom actually ended up with two paintings from the auction. My favorite part was the antique sale they had. I came across an old reader from the 1800's, it was like a lesson book for 4th graders. It was fascinating flipping through this old book and realizing just how far our understanding of science has come. At one part of the book it explained that bones are made from animal parts, which give them life, and earthy parts, which give them strength (?!).

After we'd spent time looking at the art and old restored buildings, we changed into our bike gear and road our bikes to Ephraim, about ten miles away. Jeff and I got mountain bikes last summer, so we were excited to get them out and ride again. On our way to Ephraim we had to take a dirt road which passed by beautiful rural fields that were tucked away from cars and noise and people. Riding on that road I understood why someone would want to live in a small town away from other people. That road was worth the whole trip.

Once we got to Ephraim and mom picked us up (she had to back track to Spring City because she was on a road bike) we soon realized the tire had gone flat on the suburban, so dad and Jeff had to fix that up before we headed back home. I was rather impressed with how fast they fixed it.

And that last picture is quite ugly of me, but I had show off my little sister's blue eyes and stunning beauty :)