Monday, October 24, 2011

For the Last Time

Last night (well, I guess technically it was super early this morning) I registered for the last time at BYU.  It's kinda fun to be able to register on the first day.  I guess there are some perks for taking an extra year to graduate :)
So far my schedule includes...

some Statistics
random dance classes I need for graduation
and my favorite...beginning Cello.

I seriously can't wait for that last one :)  I have a feeling it's gonna be a good semester.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My ideal day would include:

Waking up refreshed because I went to bed at a decent time.
Reading the paper as I eat eggs and fruit for breakfast.
Having time to get ready so I can look and feel cute.
Reading scriptures before heading to school.
Attentively listening in class and not getting distracted by my to do list.
Enjoying the weather.
Doing my homework during the afternoon and spending as much time as I feel I need for it.
Making and eating dinner with my husband.
Spending an hour to do what I want - read a book, watch a tv show, go to a dance class, call a friend or sister to chat with, etc.
Finishing the day feeling I gained insight or felt inspired by something I saw or read.

Instead today went something like this...

Tried to wake up before 6am to frantically finish some homework.
Got to school by 7am with doughnuts for a meeting with the dance major council.
Emailed songs to a music designer during class so he could cut music for a dance that only yesterday I found out I would be teaching on Friday.
Snarffed down a doughnut and called it breakfast.
Apologized to my dance partner for not making it to rehearsal the night before.
Frantically tried to respond to the dozen emails I get each day about Relief Society, Dance Major Council, medical school applications, some guy wanting a choreographer to make up a flash mob so he can propose to his girlfriend (this is real), teaching, etc.
Changed from one pair of sweaty dance clothes to normal clothes which only got sweaty as I dashed up the steep RB stairs.
Quickly read the reading assignment during the 20 minutes before class started.
Tried to stay awake in my next three classes.
Made my way back to the other end of campus to work in the Chem lab till 6pm.
Finally got something real to eat, bless the Cougareat.
Headed to the library auditorium to listen to guest speaker for an English assignment.
Tried to stay at the library to do homework but realized I was just wasting my time.
Got home and saw Jeff for about 30 minutes before he headed to bed.
Tried to clear my mind of everything on the list that didn't get done.
Wonder how I'm going to get through the week...

The worst part is today wasn't even that bad.  I laughed a lot and only cried once ;) I thought my life was supposed to get less busy when I stopped performing.  Any suggestions as to how I might stay sane this semester?!