Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm not trying to offend anyone, and if you read this please know I am not angry or personally attacking anybody who has done this, I just want to share my thoughts on society and the way things are headed.

With that said, didn't weddings used to be about formality and having manners? If you are sending out invitations, then INVITE me, don't just throw out a status post that says, "Hey, you want to come to my wedding? Send me your address!"

Isn't it called an INVITATION? I feel like I'm inviting myself to the party..err...I mean wedding.

I don't know, the whole group thing bothers me too, but at least I got invited to join the group. I know it's convenient, I know it's less hassle, but that's not the point. I just don't feel very appreciated when I'm the one making your decision about coming to your wedding or not.

However, I love facebook and I love weddings, so I usually end up sending them my address anyway ;)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kayaks, Sushi, and Wildflowers

I used to not like summer very much. I always got sunburned, I was constantly sweating, and by the third week of nothing to do I was ready to go back to school. I've come around though :) I think it helps that Jeff is a teacher so we get to hang out more, plus there have been tons of fun events planned with family and friends lately.

This past weekend was the Dalton family reunion up at the cabin and we had a blast! Lots of fishing, hiking, kayaking, four-wheeling, biking, card game playing, and eating. (And apparently I take too many pictures of flowers, but I love using the macro setting on my little camera and I love flowers!!)

After that fun trip was over, my mom, my three sisters and I all decided to take a girls trip before Mindy heads back to Pennsylvania (thank you Mindy for the idea). I think we had too much fun. We headed up to Park City and ate at Yamato, which has the tastiest sushi around. (Better than some popular big name places, and the rolls are 1/2 off all summer!) The sushi rolls came out too pretty and I had to snag a picture or two before we inhaled them. We also got manicures, saw a movie, and made sure to stop by at the outlets. As fun as everything was, the best part of the trip was just talking and laughing with mom and the girls :) Thanks mom for such a great trip!