Thursday, January 3, 2013

70 degree Christmas

When I blog it either feels like I have nothing to say or everything to say.  Today is the latter, and the jumble of the last couple months, including baby countdown and holidays spent away from home, have me overwhelmed.  But there is a moment from these holidays that keeps coming back to me - so I think I'll start there.

A few days before Christmas, Jeff, myself, and a bunch of his family drove to see the lights at a State Park named after Stephen Foster.  To be honest I didn't know who Stephen Foster was, but after a quick wikipedia search and visit to one of the museums at the park, I learned that he was a major pioneer in the music industry.  He's been dubbed as the "Father of American Music."

Anyway, the lights and all were cool, and they even had a "snow" machine (even though it was rather pitiful - it wasn't even ice, it was some kind of weird foam stuff) but the best part of the night was the music.  Being a park in memory of Stephen Foster, there was live music going on throughout the night.  While we were in one of the museums, a man walked in and set up 2 strange looking instruments.  We found out later that they were "dulcimers," one an "appalachian dulcimer," the other a "hammered dulcimer."

As soon as he started playing I felt my heart swell.  It had been a long time since I had heard any kind of live music besides hymns at church, and I realized how much I missed going to concerts at the HFAC, or having ballet class with talented accompanists, or simply listening to the MDT majors sing in the halls of the RB.  The South is awesome, but let's just say people here prefer football on the weekends over musical theatre.  But this man kept playing and Jeff and I listened long after the rest of the family left to keep looking at lights.  I could have stayed all night.  Listening to that artist had me wanting to get up and make something of my own.  The urge to dance and express came flooding into my little heart as I listened to him play.  It's a feeling so familiar and I was overwhelmed to feel it again.

To be honest - I missed Utah.  I'm a sucker for snow. Christmas away from home is always hard, and I think that compounded with a growing belly and stretch marks, not living in my own place, and still sweating during the day, made the holidays...different.  Still good, just different.  I think listening to that man play his dulcimer reminded me of home more than gingerbread houses, clam chowder, or even new Christmas Eve pj's.  Feeling like my old self again by visiting that feeling of inspiration was the best Christmas cheer I could have asked for.      

--I guess I can't finish without a few picture updates :)

Jeff and I at Stephen Foster State Park.  I like this picture because
I'm standing at such an angle it's hard to tell I have a HUGE belly, haha.
The crib before I took it all apart to paint.  It was quite the project and I'm glad it's done.  Don't let those crafty blogging women fool you into thinking it'll be super fun and super easy.  And lucky for me most of you who read this will never get to look at the finished project very closely ;) 

The crib all finished.  Won't lie, I kinda love it.

The fabric for the crib skirt.  I had this whole color
scheme worked out - then I saw this fabric and decided to
 try my hand at sewing one myself.  Surprisingly (probably cause
painting the crib was such a pain) I had fun sewing
 and it really wasn't all that hard.  Just went slow :) 
I thought I'd add a closer shot of the bed skirt
cause it's the best part of the crib.

Took this picture 2 weeks ago, don't think the dress fits anymore.  6 days till due date people.  


Laura said...

So excited for you Katie! We missed you both like crazy at our party! I can only imagine missing Christmas--other holidays are bad enough! It's only temporary and Utah will welcome you back with open arms if/when you return. Thanks for sharing! It's just nice to hear from you.

Heather said...

So cute Katie!!! I love that belly of yours--and I know I'll love the little gem in there even more. Great work on the crib and bed skirt, I am super impressed. I also feel that Christmas is not the same without live music. Love you!

M&M said...
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Tessa Camille said...

Kate, I think you are incredible! Love your insight, stories, adventures, all from the real, relatable Katie :) You are going to be a super mom, I can feel it. I am so excited for you and Jeff! btw you look gorgeous and that aint just camera angles. Love that last pic! Thinking of you! Can't wait for you lil' angel to come down!

Larisa said...

awww i loved this! Christmas in Florida is definitely not the same. You are the prettiest katie! good luck in labor! yikes. xx